Boy playing guitar lessons at a live show


Jesse has been providing guitar lessons to my 11-year-old daughter for the past two years. He was highly recommended by a local music store, and we have been very happy with his service. He is patient, talented and extremely knowledgeable. My daughter loves playing the guitar and the weekly lessons are a highlight.” 


Learn Guitar, Voice, Piano, Bass And Recording Techniques 

At The Music Heaven, our style of teaching music lessons is unique in that we spend ample time with each student to ensure confidence with the basics, all while developing practical skills and training the ear. Providing a solid foundation is essential for making progress. 

Beginning students will learn the art of reading and understanding written music. Within a reasonable amount of time, students will learn basic chords and begin to master simple tunes. 

Experienced students will gain command of advanced chords and beginning improvisation in blues, rock, jazz and more. We also provide an opportunity for advanced students to play together in a real-world band environment to obtain practical performing skills.

We look forward to working with students who are devoted to learning and willing to practice.

Meet The Teachers

Jesse Charles

Jesse likes to match his teaching to your personal learning style and creates a focused and fun environment to get the most out of your time together.  He starts teaching students at age eight.

You’ll learn songs, techniques, strumming and fingerpicking patterns as well as develop other areas like singing or songwriting if that’s an interest too.  Almost all guitar lessons are on video tutorial from beginners to advanced rock, blues etc.

As you advance (based on personal goals), you’ll learn improvisation in blues, rock, jazz and pop acoustic guitar. Ear training is a big part of what you’ll learn; the ability to hear a piece of music and reproduce it on your guitar is an invaluable skill.

Guitar students ages 10 through adult will learn from the Mel Bay’s Modern Guitar Method books. Beginner keyboard students will learn from the Bastien Piano Basics books. Advanced keyboard students ages 10 through adult will learn from the Alfred Basic Adult Piano Course books.

Additionally, advanced students will have the opportunity to partner with other students of the same skill level for workshop-style performing groups.

Watch the video below for an introduction to what you will learn as a student, and contact us today if you have questions or would like to book a class!

Jesse Charles playing guitar
Jesse Charles teaches guitar lessons and music lessons

I have been working with Lindsey since the beginning of 2020, and can’t begin to describe how much she has helped me navigate my own vocals. Her method of teaching really helps you understand how to get to that note and how to navigate through songs. I highly recommend taking lessons with Lindsey – whether it’s for your kid or you’re an adult like myself who has just always wanted to explore taking lessons.

Amy F.

Lindsey Barrow Castaneda

Welcome, my name is Lindsey!

I’m the voice instructor and co-founder of The Music Heaven. During your lesson I will listen to your voice, assess your approach and use specific vocal tools (adjustments and scales) to address any issues. The method I teach is the method I’ve used on stage since 1989.

By sharing my extensive knowledge and on-stage experience with my students, I provide them with a well-rounded education. Students will discover what their voices are capable of doing while building an eclectic mix of styles into their repertoire.

Lindsey Barrow Castaneda singing
Lindsey Barrow Castaneda teaches voice lessons

I teach students starting at age six that are of all experience levels and genres.

To begin, the best thing to do is to schedule a lesson. You will experience firsthand what a lesson with me is all about. You will certainly learn a thing or two, and then you can decide if you would like to continue to improve and develop your voice.

Want more info on Lindsay’s voice lessons or ready to book a class?

“When I retired in 2014 my plan was to learn how to play guitar. My wife signed me up for lessons with Jesse. It has turned into one of the best gifts I have ever received, as I am still with him. I began not knowing which end of the guitar is up and have grown into a competent player. Jesse’s motivation and patience has been a great inspiration to me. His love of music is reflected in his teaching style which focuses on the individual. Thank you, Jesse, for being my guitar guru.”

Bill Turney

Dave “Mister Pie” Riegert

Dave is the talented bass teacher at The Music Heaven. Although his family calls him Dave, his friends call him Mister Pie. Why? He loves pie, and secondly, he’s a mathematician with a deep appreciation for the mathematical constant, pi. As you may already know, math and music are closely related, and Dave has a passion for both!

Mister Pie is a professional musician and has a lot of fun teaching bass. He finds nothing more rewarding than watching students progress through the various stages from beginner to playing in a band. His devotion and passion for music are infectious and inspire students to excel. Providing a supportive environment that matches your learning style is his priority.

Dave “Mister Pie” Riegert

Dave teaches both math and music and loves to show how they overlap. His favorite styles of music are R&B, soul, jazz and fusion. He listens to many genres of music and tries to learn as much as possible to grow as a professional musician. 

Ready to book a class with Mister Pie or have questions?